Our is an institution of higher learning  with a noble mission vision and objective of preparing the talented rural youths as responsible  and useful  activities by  means of providing them comprehensive education   through Cultural, Academic and Physical Citizen by .




(i)To inculcate the spirit of nationalism and patriotism.
(ii) To provide basic scientific facilities.
(iii) To bring the students from the dungeon of darkness into light.
(iv) To keep abreast the students with modern facilities of science and technology.
(v) To make them trained to face the challenges of life prevailing around them.
(vi) To make them aware of their duties and responsibilities.
(vii) To spread the ideas of fellow-feeling and brotherhood.
(viii) To facilitate quality education for the poor, downtrodden and needy, meritorious
students of this area.
(ix) To bring higher education to the doorsteps of the people and to bridge the rural-urban gap with strong determination. (x) To create facilities of employment for the educated rural youth.
(xi) To instil a deep sense of social responsibility by encouraging voluntary service. (xii) To strengthen traditional cultural values. (xiii) To enlighten the rural mass on modern political thoughts.
(xiv) To encourage guardians to overcome the nation of the dropout from the primary level.
(xv) To train the students for self-employment thereby helping them to develop their villages and society.
(xvi) To inject the spirit of patriotism among the students for national unity and integration.
(xvii) To create the environmental awareness among the students of this locality.
(xviii) Lastly to develop self confidence among the students to face the challenges of life.